Dubai Porta Potty: What Does A Porta Potty Mean

Dubai Porta Potty (Dubai Porta Potties – its plural form) is a name tag (code name) designation for describing a kind of  glamorous lifestyle in the city of Dubai. It was primarily coined from two words namely, porta  and potty, respectively, but with Dubai being the epicenter of porta potties activities – as to be learned below – hence the term Dubai Porta Potties. 

Dubai Porta potty

On the other hand, a porta potty, also known as portable toilet is a makeshift toilet, most often, a mobile toilet.

In other words, it is a kind of toilet system that can be moved around – some by one person, some others by aid of mechanical equipment such as a truck and even hauled by a crane as the case maybe. Whatever mechanism devised for moving porta potties to locations is a product of the occasions and the terrain involved. 

However, there are many types of porta potties which serve different purposes. Some porta potty types do not require any pre-existing services or infrastructure, such as sewerage system…they are completely self-contained.

A Brief Look Into Physical Features Of Portable Toilets (Porta Potties)

The physical features of most portable toilets have shown that they are unisex single units of an enclosed space with privacy ensured by a simple lock on the door. In general, some portable toilets are just small molded plastic/fiberglass of a lockable compartment with a receptacle to catch the human waste (excreta) in a container. This is so because a portable toilet is neither connected to a hole in the ground (in the case of a pit toilet), nor to a septic tank, nor plumbed into a town municipal system leading to a sewage treatment plant.

Porta Potties, aka, Portable Toilets are purely detached from any hole for disposal in the location where they are in use. The human excreta are collected, in a built-in holding tank/container where it is acted upon by chemicals to mask off the odour pending the disposal time. In some cases, bio-agents which contain biocides that hinder odor-causing bacteria from growing and multiplying are used to kill off the stench from the human waste pending outright disposal in a sewage system.

Mind you, there are many types of porta potties but, we would come to looking at each type respectively later on this website.

Porta Potties, aka, portable toilets, are usually hired for use in varieties of situation where normal toilets are not available. They are ideal for use during events of huge gatherings such as political rallies, crusades, festivals, camping, on yacht/boat parties, construction sites, movie acting locations, and even in ghetto areas of developing countries.


The Real Meaning Of Porta Potty With Regard To The Term Dubai Porta Potty

The term Porta Potty has different meaning to different people. According to Urban dictionary the term apart from the above explanations refers to humans. See below, on quote

“Expensive escorts bought by rich Arab and European men to go on “yacht parties” for $30,000+ a piece. In reality these women are brought onto these boats to get shit and pissed on, hence the name Porta Potties. Its easy to identify one of these women by the pictures they post on Facebook. If a friend of the female kind is always posting pictures of shopping sprees in Dubai and…Read more

According to a porta potty is simply a female companion to rich money bags in Europe, and primarily in the Middle-East – Dubai precisely, hence the code name Dubai Porta Potties